Weight Vest

Enhance your workouts with the Africa Tough Weight Vest, designed for both functionality and style. This weight vest comes with two sizes to suit your training needs: one with a total weight of 8kg (including 2x3kg plates) and another with a total weight of 10kg (including 2x4kg plates). Available in a variety of colors – Black Camo, Pink Camo, Black, Navy Blue, and Tan – this vest combines durability and comfort to help you reach your fitness goals.


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Constructed from ultra-durable nylon fabric, the Africa Tough Weight Vest is built to withstand intense training sessions. The shoulder straps are padded for a comfortable fit, ensuring you can focus on your workout without discomfort. Whether you’re running, doing bodyweight exercises, or weight training, this vest adds the extra resistance you need to push your limits and enhance your performance.

Specification Detail
Total Weight (8kg) Weight Vest + 2x3kg plates
Total Weight (10kg) Weight Vest + 2x4kg plates
Colors Black Camo, Pink Camo, Black, Navy Blue, Tan
Material Ultra-durable nylon fabric
Shoulder Straps Padded for comfort

Additional information


Pink Camo, Black, Navy Blue, Tan


8KG, 10KG

Weight Vest Features


Two Weight Options

Choose between 8kg (with 2x3kg plates) or 10kg (with 2x4kg plates) to match your fitness level and training goals.


Multiple Color Choices

Available in Black Camo, Pink Camo, Black, Navy Blue, and Tan to suit your personal style.


Durable Construction

Made from ultra-durable nylon fabric, ensuring longevity and resilience during intense workouts.


Comfortable Fit

Padded shoulder straps provide comfort and reduce strain during use, allowing you to focus on your training.


Versatile Use

Ideal for a variety of exercises, including running, bodyweight workouts, and weight training, adding resistance to enhance your performance.