Wall-Mounted Storage Board

Store your handles and other accessories with this wall-mounted, multi-use storage board. NOTE: Manufacturing time may be 7 to 12 working days depending on stock.


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Efficiently organize your gym space with the Africa Tough Wall-Mounted Storage Board, a versatile and practical solution for storing handles and various workout accessories. This multi-use board is an essential tool for keeping your training area neat and tidy, ensuring that your equipment is always within easy reach.

Wall-Mounted Storage Board Features

Wall-Mounted Storage Board (2)


Space-Saving Design

Its wall-mounted feature frees up floor space, making your gym look more spacious and organized.
Woman doing pushdowns with rope for triceps at the gym closeup


Versatile Storage Options

Ideal for storing a variety of gym accessories, including handles, ropes, bands, and more, keeping them easily accessible yet out of the way.
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Sturdy Construction

Made with durable materials, this storage board is designed to hold multiple items securely.
Nuts and Bolts


Easy to Install

Simple and straightforward installation process, allowing you to set it up quickly and start organizing your space immediately.
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Aesthetic Appeal

Not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, it enhances the overall look of your gym environment.