Strongman/CrossFit Yoke

Africa Tough Strongman Yoke weighing 90kg with 450kg load capacity. 1800m height x 1200mm width. Can be used as a squat rack with J-cups purchased seperately. NOTE: manufacturing may take 7-12 working days depending on stock.


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Embrace the spirit of resilience with the Africa Tough Strongman/CrossFit Yoke. This multifaceted powerhouse, designed for the determined athlete, combines robust performance with multifunctional versatility.

Constructed to stand firm under pressure, this yoke boasts a formidable 450kg load capacity, accommodating intense strongman workouts and CrossFit regimens. With a structure measuring 1800mm in height and 1200mm in width, and weighing in at 90kg, it’s built to withstand the rigors of both high-intensity training and competitive events.

The Africa Tough Yoke’s fully adjustable crossbar allows for straightforward customization for an array of workouts, from basic yoke carries to the more advanced Zercher carries, Zercher squats, and even sled training exercises. Moreover, with the addition of J-cups (sold separately), the yoke transforms into a full-fledged squat rack, suitable for squats, bench presses, or other pressing movements. This adaptability establishes it as a truly all-in-one piece of equipment, perfect for a home gym or a larger training facility.

Whether you’re training for power, endurance, or sheer strength, this yoke is your steadfast companion, accommodating a diverse range of fitness goals and workout routines.

Use Training and Competitive Events
Material Heavy-Duty Steel
Dimensions (H x W) 1800mm x 1200mm
Product Weight 90kg
Maximum Load 450kg
Features 4 Loading Pins
Customization J-cups available separately

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Strongman Yoke, Including J-Cups

Strongman/CrossFit Yoke Features

YOKE poundage


Sturdy Construction

Engineered to support a maximum load of 450kg.
YOKE 4 pegs


Versatile Design

Equipped with four loading pins for varied workout intensities.
YOKE 4 pegs (1)



Can be used for traditional strongman exercises and, with additional J-cups, converts into a squat rack.
YOKE strongman


Robust and Reliable

Built for high-intensity training sessions and competitive strongman events.
YOKE strongman (1)



J-cups and safety arms are available separately for expanded exercise options.