Slant Board

Step up your squat game with the Africa Tough Slant Board, designed at a 20-degree angle for optimized heel-elevated squats and crafted from durable steel.


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Introducing the Africa Tough Slant Board: a game-changer for those looking to intensify their lower body workouts. This slant board is meticulously crafted at a 20-degree angle, ideal for heel-elevated squats, enhancing both form and effectiveness. Constructed from robust steel, it is not just about strength; it’s about transforming your workout regimen.

Specification Detail
Material Steel
Width 850mm
Height 77mm
Length (Foot Area) 200mm
Incline Angle 20 degrees


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Slant Board Features

Slant Board (6)


Perfect Angle for Improved Squats

The 20-degree incline is specifically designed to maximize the efficiency and impact of your heel-elevated squats.


Durable Steel Construction

Built for longevity, the board’s steel composition ensures stability and resilience under rigorous use.
Muscular Woman Doing Squat Exercise With Barbell At The Gym


Versatile Workout Enhancer

Beyond squats, it’s an invaluable tool for various stretches and rehabilitation exercises, aiding in mobility and balance.
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Compact Design

Measuring 850mm in width, it’s a space-efficient addition to any gym, easily stored and moved.
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Targeted Muscle Engagement

By changing the angle of your feet during exercises, it helps isolate and engage specific muscle groups more effectively.