RX Olympic Barbell 15KG – Hardened Chrome

Built for precision and performance, the RX Olympic Barbell 15KG – Hardened Chrome is a testament to quality engineering. With its sleek design and durable construction, this barbell is an essential addition to any gym or training facility.  


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Step up your training with the RX Olympic Barbell 15KG – Hardened Chrome and experience unmatched performance with every lift.


Specification Detail
Length 2.01 meters
Weight 15 kilograms
Bearings 8 needle bearings with brass bushings
Maximum Load 545 kilograms
Bar Diameter 25 millimeters
Sleeve Diameter 50 millimeters

RX Olympic Barbell 15KG – Hardened Chrome Features


Superior Construction

Crafted with hardened chrome, this barbell is designed to withstand the toughest workouts while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.


Smooth Rotation

Equipped with 8 needle bearings with brass brush, the barbell offers smooth and consistent rotation, enhancing the overall lifting experience.


Heavy-Duty Design

With a maximum load capacity of 545kg, this barbell is built to handle heavy lifts, making it suitable for powerlifting and strength training.


Optimal Grip

Featuring a 25mm bar diameter and 50mm sleeve diameter, the barbell provides a comfortable and secure grip for various exercises.



Whether you’re performing Olympic lifts, squats, or deadlifts, this barbell offers versatility and reliability for all your training needs.