Rhino Series Safety Arms

Enhance your workout safety with the Rhino Series Safety Arms, perfectly compatible with Rhino Series Racks and designed to protect your barbell during heavy lifts.


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Introduce a new level of safety and confidence to your weightlifting routine with the Rhino Series Safety Arms. Specifically designed for compatibility with Rhino Series Racks, these arms are a crucial addition for lifters seeking to push their limits securely.

Specification Detail
Compatibility Rhino Series Racks
Length 403mm
Width 76.2mm
Material Metal with protective plastic lining
Key Feature Protects barbell, facilitates easy adjustments


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Rhino Series Safety Arms Features

Rhino Series Wall-Mounted Squat Rack


Custom Fit for Rhino Racks

Precisely engineered to seamlessly fit Rhino Series Racks, offering a stable and secure lifting experience.
Rhino series safety arms (3)


Robust and Reliable

Constructed with high-quality materials, these safety arms are capable of withstanding the rigors of intense weightlifting sessions.
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Barbell Protection

Outfitted with durable plastic, they safeguard your barbell from scratches and damage, preserving its longevity.
Ideal Dimensions for Safety


Ideal Dimensions for Safety:

With a length of 403mm and width of 76.2mm, they provide ample support and safety for various exercises.
Rhino series safety arms (3)


Convenient Installation and Use

Designed for easy setup and adjustability, these arms allow for quick changes and secure placement, accommodating different workout requirements.