Rhino Series Free Standing Squat Rack

Discover the versatility of the Rhino Series Free Standing Squat Rack – a robust, multi-functional rack complete with J-cups, weight storage pins, and an adjustable pull-up bar, perfect for any workout regime.


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Step up your training sessions with the Rhino Series Free Standing Squat Rack, a comprehensive solution designed for serious fitness enthusiasts. This squat rack stands out with its impressive balance of functionality, durability, and convenience, making it an ideal addition to any home gym or professional training facility.

Specification Detail
Type Free Standing Squat Rack
Width 1197mm
Length 1206mm
Height 2276mm
Features Includes J-Cups, Weight Storage Pins, Pull-Up Bar
Adjustability Over 15 Adjustments for Height Settings


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Rhino Series Free Standing Squat Rack Features



Robust and Durable

Crafted with precision, its sturdy frame ensures a stable and secure base for all types of strength exercises.
rhino standing squat rack_dim


Versatile Weight Storage

The rack is equipped with two vertical pins for weight storage, which also enhance its overall stability.
gym dip (3)


Pull-Up Bar

Includes a pull-up bar
YOKE 4 pegs (1)


Convenient J-Cups

Comes with J-cups for effortless barbell placement, enhancing safety and efficiency during lifting.
rhino free


Easy Assembly

Designed for easy assembly, this rack is user-friendly, making it a practical choice for both seasoned athletes and beginners.