Landmine/T-Bar Row Attachment

Landmine/T-Bar Row Attachment for all Africa Tough Squat Racks or with floor-mounting base. Can be customized to your own rack. NOTE: manufacturing may take 7-12 working days depending on stock.  


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Transform your workout regime with the Africa Tough Landmine/T-Bar Row Attachment, a versatile and powerful tool compatible with all Africa Tough Squat Racks and suitable for floor mounting. This attachment is tailor-made to enhance your strength training, offering a wide range of rotational and angled barbell exercises.

Specification Detail
Compatibility Africa Tough Squat Racks, Floor-mounting option
Use Rotational and angled barbell exercises
Pivoting Mechanism Smooth and efficient
Installation Easy with included hardware
Material Robust construction
Training Benefits Enhances core and full-body strength

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Landmine Attachment for Squat Rack, Landmine Floor Mounted Attachment, Landmine Floor Mounted Attachment with Handle

Landmine/T-Bar Row Attachment Features



Universal Compatibility

Designed to fit all Africa Tough Squat Racks, with the option for floor-mounting or customization to your specific rack.
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Dynamic Training Tool

Ideal for a variety of exercises, from landmine presses and rows to rotational training movements, amplifying your core and full-body strength.


Smooth Operation

Features a smooth-pivoting mechanism for a seamless range of motion, facilitating effective and efficient workouts.


Easy Installation

Comes with the necessary hardware for a straightforward setup, allowing quick integration into your training space.
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Enhanced Workout Versatility

Offers the ability to perform a wide array of barbell exercises, increasing the functionality of your existing equipment.