Flat Bench

IPF specification flat bench. Includes wheels and handle for easy movement and upright storage. NOTE: manufacturing may be 7 to 12 working days depending on stock.


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The Africa Tough Flat Bench strips back to the essentials, providing uncompromised functionality without unnecessary complexity. Adhering to International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) specifications, this bench is designed with serious lifters in mind.

It’s not just about sturdiness; it’s also about mobility. With wheels and a handle included, this bench can be easily moved for different workouts or stored upright to conserve space. Ideal for athletes who require both stability and durability from their equipment.

Base Width 606mm
Bench Width 280mm
Length 1200mm
Height 428mm
Standards IPF specifications
Material High-quality steel
Portability Includes wheels and handle for easy movement
Storage Can be stored upright
User Compatibility Suitable for athletes of all levels
Durability Robust construction for heavy-duty use
Special Features Easy to maneuver, stable foundation, no assembly required
Country of Manufacture South Africa

Flat Bench Features

ipf bench


IPF Specification Compliance

Adheres strictly to IPF specifications, ensuring a professional-grade bench for competitive and rigorous training.
Flat bench with wheels


Enhanced Mobility

Features wheels and a handle, making it effortlessly mobile for diverse workout setups or upright storage, saving valuable gym space.
Flat Bench (5)


Robust Construction

Built for durability, it stands up to the most intense weightlifting sessions, providing a solid foundation for every athlete.
Flat bench


Ergonomic Design

Focuses on user comfort and safety, making it suitable for lifters of all sizes and skill levels.
Flat Bench (3)


Sturdy and Stable

The bench’s design prioritizes stability, with a structure that remains steadfast under heavy loads.