Farmers Walk Handles

Farmers Walk Handles for Olympic-sized weightplates. Can be customized for standard-sized plates. NOTE: manufacturing may be 7 to 12 working days depending on stock.


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Designed with simplicity but manufactured for performance, the Africa Tough Farmers Walk Handles bring fundamental strength training into the modern age. While it’s rooted in foundational workout methods, the farmer’s carry offers a plethora of benefits, encompassing everything from grip strength and forearm development to total body conditioning. Whether you’re looking to build endurance or target a myriad of muscles, from quads and glutes to the core and shoulders, these handles are the tool you need.

Built specifically for the farmer’s walk exercise, these handles have the advantage of compatibility with Olympic-sized weight plates, providing athletes the flexibility to quickly adjust weight loads. With the customization option available, they can also be tailored to fit standard-sized plates.

Material Durable metal construction
Compatibility Olympic-sized weight plates (Customizable for standard-sized plates)
Use Farmers Walk, Strength Training, Endurance Building
Weight Capacity Varies based on plate used
Finish Smooth with optimized grip

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Olympic-Sized Plates, Standard-Sized Plates

Farmers Walk Handles Features

Farmers Walk Handles (2)


Sturdy Design

Crafted with precision, the Africa Tough Farmers Walk Handles ensure durability and reliability for intense training sessions.
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Customizable Compatibility

While they are designed for Olympic-sized weight plates, there’s an option to customize the handles for standard-sized plates, making it versatile for different training environments.
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Grip and Performance

With a design focused on providing a firm grip, athletes can concentrate on the movement, ensuring safety and maximizing performance.
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Total Body Conditioning

The farmer’s walk isn’t just about grip strength. With these handles, you target a wide range of muscle groups.
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Modern Meets Fundamental

While the concept of the farmer’s carry is rooted in basic strength training, these handles are designed with modern athletes in mind, ensuring a blend of tradition with today’s training needs.