Deadlift/Powerlifting Platform

Wooden Lifting Platform with protective rubber to allow dropping of the bar. 1000mm width x 2400mm length. Can be customized to other sizes. NOTE: manufacturing may be 7-12 working days depending on stock.


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Optimized for the enthusiastic weightlifter, the Africa Tough Deadlift/Powerlifting Platform harmoniously combines durability with function. Designed for those who demand excellence from their equipment, this platform serves as a robust foundation for those heavy lifts. Crafted with precision, it provides a firm yet protective ground to allow for the dropping of the bar without any hesitation. Its dimensions are thoughtfully designed, ensuring ample space for a wide range of lifting techniques.

Material Wood with protective rubber layering
Width 1000mm
Length 2400mm
Customization Available for different sizes
Use Deadlifting, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strength Training
Protection Integrated rubber for impact absorption

Deadlift/Powerlifting Platform Features



Sturdy Wooden Construction

Made with high-quality wood, the platform provides a solid base ensuring stability and strength during your lifting sessions.
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Protective Rubber Layering

The integrated rubber layering offers enhanced protection, absorbing the impact from heavy drops, thus preserving both the platform and your equipment.
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Generous Dimensions

With a width of 1000mm and a length of 2400mm, this platform ensures you have enough space for your foot placement and barbell movement, allowing for effective lifting.


Customization Option

Every gym or home setup is unique, and so we offer customization options to ensure the platform fits seamlessly into your space.
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Versatile Use

Whether it’s for deadlifting, olympic lifts, or other strength training exercises, this platform accommodates a versatile range of workouts.