Crash Pads – Set of 2

Ensure your workouts are safe and efficient with the Africa Tough Crash Pads. Designed to absorb impact and reduce noise, these crash pads are perfect for weightlifting and high-intensity training. Constructed with a durable outer canvas and a dense foam inner, they are built to withstand heavy use and provide reliable performance.  


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Measuring 76cm x 60cm x 15cm, these crash pads offer ample space to catch and protect your equipment and floors from damage. Whether you’re lifting heavy weights, performing high-intensity workouts, or practicing gymnastics, the Africa Tough Crash Pads are an essential addition to your training setup.


Specification Detail
Material Durable outer canvas with dense foam inner
Dimensions 76cm x 60cm x 15cm
Design Impact absorption and noise reduction
Use Weightlifting, high-intensity training, gymnastics
Durability Built to withstand heavy use

Crash Pads – Set of 2 Features


Durable Construction

Made with a robust outer canvas and dense foam inner for long-lasting durability.


Impact Absorption

Designed to absorb impact and reduce noise, protecting both your equipment and flooring.


Ample Size

Measuring 76cm x 60cm x 15cm, providing sufficient space for various training activities.


Versatile Use

Ideal for weightlifting, high-intensity training, gymnastics, and more, ensuring safety and efficiency.


Built to Last

Engineered to withstand heavy use and rigorous training, offering reliable performance session after session.