Chalk Bowl Stand

Chalk Bowl Stand includes bowl with place to hang and hold other accessories such as belts or straps. NOTE: manufacturing may be 7-12 working days depending on stock.


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Efficiency meets functionality with the Africa Tough Chalk Bowl Stand. Designed not only to store chalk, this stand comes equipped with additional features to accommodate various gym accessories. Whether you’re looking to quickly chalk up during intense training sessions or neatly hang your belts and straps post-workout, this stand serves as an all-in-one station for your gym necessities.

Constructed with resilience in mind, the Africa Tough Chalk Bowl Stand ensures long-lasting durability while providing easy access for multiple athletes. It’s a quintessential addition to any fitness facility, home gym, or training space.

Material Durable metal construction
Primary Use Chalk Storage
Additional Features Accessory hangers for belts, straps, etc.
Height Standard height for easy access
Finish Sleek and functional design

Chalk Bowl Stand Features



Efficient Storage

A spacious bowl designed specifically for chalk storage ensures that athletes have easy and quick access during workouts.
chalk (1)


Accessory Holders

Integrated hangers provide a convenient spot to hang and store various gym accessories such as belts, chains, or straps, keeping the training area tidy.
chalk (2)


Sturdy Construction

Built with premium materials, the stand promises durability and stability, ensuring it withstands the demands of daily use.
Glute Bridge Platform (1)


Multipurpose Design

Beyond chalk storage, the stand’s design considers the modern athlete’s needs, providing storage solutions for various training tools.
Man putting chalk on his hands


Sleek Finish

The minimalistic design complements any gym environment, making it a stylish yet functional addition to your training space.