Barbell Holder

Wall-Mounted Vertical Barbell Holder available for 2 or 4 barbells. NOTE: manufacturing may be 7-12 working days depending on stock.


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Organize your gym space effortlessly with the Africa Tough Wall-Mounted Vertical Barbell Holder, a minimalist design that delivers maximum utility. Made for fitness enthusiasts who appreciate a tidy workout area, this holder ensures that your barbells are not just stored, but showcased.

Ideal for both personal gym spaces and professional fitness centers, the Africa Tough Barbell Holder offers a blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

Material Premium metal construction
Primary Use Barbell Storage
Installation Wall-mounted
Capacity Options for 2 or 4 barbells
Design Modern and compact

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2-Bar Holder, 4-Bar Holder

Barbell Holder Features

Barbell Holder (4)


Space-Efficient Vertical Design

By storing barbells vertically, this holder minimizes the floor space used, ensuring a clutter-free workout area.
Barbell Holder


Robust Construction

Crafted with top-quality materials, the Barbell Holder is designed to securely hold and maintain the integrity of your barbells.
Barbell Holder (3)


Easy Installation

The wall-mounted design ensures easy installation, providing a permanent and sturdy storage solution for your barbells.
Barbell Holder (2)


Versatility in Storage

Available in options to store either 2 or 4 barbells, catering to both individual and commercial gym needs.
Barbell Holder (6)


Aesthetic Enhancement

The sleek design not only organizes but elevates the look of your gym space, adding a professional touch.